Tuesday, August 10, 2004

antiMUSIC's Chuck DiMaria writes: "Too Young To Rock"

With the proliferation of teenie-bopper pop and rawk overloading the commercial airwaves, Chuck DiMaria explains vis-à-vis youngsters like JoJo and Ashlee (Jessica's li'l sis) Simpson...

<... snip ...>

"Look, I don't know about you, but I'm scared.

And now the thirteen-year-olds are coming out onto the charts? You know, it takes a while to write, record and put out an album, let alone push the deal through all the different levels of a record company, so it stands to reason that the kid was probably younger than that when they inked the deal.

Which means this kid was eleven or twelve years old when this whole thing started? First off, that's way too young to be in that far over your head.

Secondly, what is the logic behind this growing trend to make sex symbols out of little girls? Are we now becoming a nation of pedophiles?"

<... snip ...>

Maybe someone is after our money - and they're using our kids to get at it.

I doubt that JoJo is singing to us 25-45 freaks, but what's with putting her on high rotation?

Unless the age of consent in the U.S. is repealed, I will not stand for such child exploitation. No wonder we're not getting any good rawking in the airwaves these days. ARRRGH!

What's next... beer for pre-schoolers... cigarettes and scotch for 6th-graders... teen erotic thrillers?

It's all about money - YOURS. Be aware! Beware!

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