Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Myth of Woodstock...

It was 35 years ago today when the masses congregated on Max Yasgur's farm in upstate New York. Three days of peace, love, hope and mind-blowing rock-and-roll (with some mind-altering substances thrown in for good measure).

Too bad that everything, given that all things being equal, had to come to an end. The world has become more dangerous, blacks and whites don't eat together much as they used to, and the various tribes that gathered on the farm in solidarity against "the Man" now want to kill each other (see "Woodstock 99").

Maybe it was Woodstock that changed the world's liberal politics - everyone in the political sphere wanted to appease each and every one of those 500k-plus bodies that were there. And maybe that's why modern liberalism is such a clusterfuck at the moment - everyone wanted to be a modern hippie, but they're ignoring the world's realities a little too much. The Toronto Sun's Thane Burnett interviewed a few people for his article in order to shed light on the storied festival, and why there might never be another one, at least in our lifetime.

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