Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Will Vince Carter slam-dunk us in the end.

SLAM! Sports - Basketball Toronto Raptors - Raps star triggers emotions: a long time ago I thought that Vince Carter would energize the Raptors. The problem was that everyone wanted to put all the pressure on him and get a free ride in the process.

That sucks, mainly because Vince is only human.

Nowadays that kind of honeymoon is over - the Raptors are slowly going the way of the Lakers - all ball hogging, all egos, no cohesion. If the Raptors want to keep Vince Carter in their roster, they have to start playing as a team.

As for Vince... he has to start playing as part of the team, not as a star.

Given last season's performance, if the Raptors don't get their shit together, they would be losing more than a coach: they'll be losing Vince.

I'm giving the team and Vince one more chance in the upcoming season. If nothing works out, Vince should get the heave-ho because the team wouldn't desrve him.

Or vice-versa.

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