Friday, August 27, 2004

Just don't call them French, eh?

The Celtic Bretons live on the peninsula that juts out into the English Channel. They were subject to various persecutions including a moratorium (read: ban)on their music, culture and language (which, by the way, is very harsh on the eyes if you try to read it). But nowadays, Breton culture is fighting back as Western Europe's sole Celtic representative. "An Tour Tan" ("The Lighthouse") contains links to various Breton events and is the home of this year's "Cyber Fest-Noz" (a Breton cyber-ceilidh). Drop in. Warning: it is en Fran├žais and e Brezhoneg!

1 comment:

Mary in LA said...

Wow! That site looks like irradiated Irish Gaelic crossed with mutant Croatian.
Sounds pretty cool, though! I love Celtic music of all kinds.