Monday, February 21, 2005

Little Pauly Poopypants steps up to the plate
(and stumbles...)

Awww... lookit! Little Pauly Poopypants has landed in Brussels, Belgium to sit in with big boys like Georgie Dubya, Jack She-rag, Gary Shredder and that Limey Primey Minister Tone-Loc Glare.

Brussels, as we all should know, aside from being the capital of Yer-Rope, is also where Brussels Sprouts come from. And we all know that Brussels Sprouts are good for you, right Misha?

Of course, Little Pauly wanted to make a big splash at one of the biggest parties held in the city, the NATO Conference, where big boy Dubya gave a speech stressing unity amongst the Allies and co-operation in rebuilding I-Rack. After the speech, Little Pauly had the opportunity to make an impact with a few choice words of his own...
"I thought it was a very positive speech," said Martin, who has kept a low profile since arriving in Belgium, "But, I also think he echoed the view of a lot of us that there are a lot of issues which we've got to discuss in depth."

The prime minister did sound an optimistic note, saying Bush's speech marks a turning point in the history of the alliance, which strained to the breaking point over the war in Iraq.

"I think what you're seeing is a rejuvenated NATO, one that is not simply a military alliance, one that has a political role to play," he said.
Not too surprisingly, Pauly showed his proven talent in impressively stating the obvious by creatively recycling all the obvious points. But then again, Little Pauly loves being Prime Minister of Cana-Duh, and he is eager to show his enthusiasm by talking to all the other big boys in the party. No stressful fence-mending or negotiating here: Little Pauly does not want anything to spoil his fun in Brussels.

Not to be outdone, his minister for External Affairs, Peter Petty-grows has this to say about Little Pauly's objectives (and accomplishments - after all, he is the prime minister of Cana-Duh)...
"It is a very natural role for Canada to play a bridge between the United States and the European Union," he said.

"We have a lot of friends in Europe. We are highly regarded on the positions we've taken. At the same time, we are the United States' immediate neighbour, their best friend."
Remember... not all of Cana-Duh's friends are Dubya's friends, and rather than go through the agony of negotiating with the likes Jack and Gary, Little Pauly decided to leave the talking to Dubya.

And anyways, an article in some obscure Briddish magazine called the Economist recently labeled Little Pauly "Mr. Dithers" and said that he was having trouble being prime miniter of Cana-Duh. That really hurt Little Pauly (oooohhhh... poor little muffin) and he had some very close assistants answering questions with regards to the Economist, because Little Pauly loves being prime minister of Cana-Duh, and that article gave him a big boo-boo to his fragile little ego.

But not to worry. When the party is over, Little Pauly can fly back to icy, little Ottawa and say, as always, that he has accomplished great things, no matter how big or small, important or insignificant, relavant or not.

He can do that because... HE LOVES BEING THE PRIME MINISTER.

And now... I must go to bed, because I don't want to miss Hell freezing over when Little Pauly actually gets around to doing anything significant.

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