Saturday, February 12, 2005

Our Beloved U.N. - from bad to worse

Michelle Malkin - with the help from others, of course - has uncovered yet another shitstorm involving our beloved United Nations.

You know... the same United Nations that previous and current Liberal regimes have lionized and supported over the years.

The very same United Nations that Jean Chretien depended on for advice on Iraq.

The same United Nations that we send our troops for missions around the world.

ABC delved into this sick matter by following some of the fine UN workers to a bar where hookers and booze were available. At the end of the night, they loaded the hookers into a van and drove away.

Even worse is this allegation...

One 14-year-old girl from Bunia was on her way to the village well for water, local police said, when two blue-helmeted U.N. troops, from Morocco, stopped her. One of the soldiers raped her, she said.

"We know that these people came to bring peace to this country," Dieudonne Shabani, the victim's mother, told ABC News. "So how come the same men who come to bring peace are doing this to my daughter? It really revolted me."

The family took their devastated daughter to the police and a doctor from an aid group filed a rape report with the United Nations. The next day, the family said the Moroccan commander from the United Nations came and insulted them by offering money for the case to be dropped. Nothing has been heard since.

At this point, said the Rev. Alfred Buju, the town's Catholic priest, the people fear the U.N. personnel.

"They're saying even to young girls, be careful to not be taken by those peacekeepers," he said.

After almost 60 years of existence, the U.N. is starting to collapse piece by piece. What started off as a noble idea has degenerated into another bloated beaurocracy co-opted by tyrannies and gangsters, and even its diehard supporters are starting to have second thoughts about commiting themselves to another mission. One more scandal might wind up destroying the organization altogether.

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