Saturday, February 05, 2005

"What do you mean we're not invited?"

Hats off to the insane MoFoz at Little Green Footballs (which I believe is a euphemysm for "hand grenades", but, hey! I digress...) for this nice little entry about an anti-terrorism conference in Saudi Arabia.

This is, of course, akin to having a serial child molester host a seminar about protecting your children from online predators. Saudi Arabia has been suspected of sponsoring Islamist terror groups.

Therefore - not surprisingly - Israel has been left out of the picture. The Yanks will be coming. So will the Germans, the Chinese, the French and the Turks. All-in-all, 50 countries, plus various international organizations have been scheduled to participate in the four-day event.

But J├╝den verboten! WTF?

Israel, not too surprisingly, has the most experience dealing with terrorists and unrest. Its government agencies managed to make sure that life goes on in the Jewish state in spite of suicide bombings and the occasional all-out war (1973 "Yom Kippur" war, anyone?) So there should be no valid reason whatsoever to bar the Jewish State from the conference. Right?
Four workshops will be held... at the King Faisal Conference Hall of the Intercontinental Hotel. Delegates from Egypt, Japan, Germany and Turkey will participate in the first workshop entitled, “Roots of Terrorist Thought”...
Methinks that they will use the "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" as the root of all evil.

Sadly, by excluding Israel, the conference is depriving itself of true first-hand experience. After all, its founders were victims of state-sponsored terrorism themselves...

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