Monday, September 12, 2005

File Under
"Stupidity Kills"

Take one look at this man. If this is not the look of a negligent fucktard, then God help us all if a real one shows up! He was arrested after an eight-year-old kid got shot while asleep. Whatever he was doing at the time - God only knows, but it was probably unsafe.
And for your info, this is what the the kid looks like. He died of his injuries shortly afterward. This incident happened in St. Catherines, ON - the same city where a young couple named Karla and Paul once lived and tried to make friends.

Of course, the rest was supposed to be history, until this happened. Many residents were hopeful that there wouldn't be any more tragedies, but stupid, ignorant people do exist. And the most criminally negligent ones get the print.

A word to the wise - if you're so bored out of your tree, don't try to diddle with your piece in your apartment.

There you go.

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