Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Sad Reality Of My Small World: Sympathies To Leading Seaman Kevin Teague

LS Kevin Teague was a NAV COMM from HMCS CARLETON in Ottawa who served on the Naval Reserve Co-Ordinated On-Job Training (NAVRES C-OJT) program here in Halifax. For a trade that is stressful and unforgiving, Kevin was the quiet, calm, collected guy in the communications control room (CCR). He eventually left the program to complete the Primary Leadership Qualification (PLQ) course with another fellow CAR NAV COMM, Cindy Beischer.

You're probably wondering why I'm writing about someone with whom I've only worked a few times prior to this past summer.

Jennifer Teague went missing on 8 Sep 05 after leaving work. Her remains were found 11 days later at an area park. At the time of her disappearance, I didn't know the connection between her and her brother, Kevin. At the same time I was hoping against hope for Alicia Ross; that one died a couple of days after Jennifer's discovery. It was one of those nagging questions... whether or not to let people know about her for Kevin's sake when she was first reported missing. Of course, I was going through some tumultuous times myself - looking for an apartment and a new job can wreak havoc on romantic procrastinators like myself - so I felt that encouraging one crusade for a missing young lady would be enough.

The tragic end to the disappearances of Jennifer and Alicia is unbearable. At least in Alicia's case, some freak turned himself in confessing to the crime. For Jennifer, someone is (or some people are) still running around, trying desperately to hide from the proverbial long arm of the law. But the walls will eventually close in, and soon there will be no escape. Maybe the demons that goaded the killer(s) will force surrender. Just like that fucker, Daniel Sylvester.

Or maybe people like you will probably remember something that happened on the night Kevin Teague's little sister disappeared. And if you do, call the police immediately. The family needs closure desperately, and not a moment too soon.

To you, "Teaguer", and your family, as well as those who loved, and are loved by, his sister: all my deepest sympathies and prayers in your time of great loss. Although I am not a religious person, I believe that the One God will look after you and yours in this time and for the days to come, and that sooner or later, we will all get to see Jennifer again, forever young and lively, in another time, another place.

Respect, always.

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