Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Midweek Mental Breakdown 1:
Bluenose XS Fortune; Emo Is For Weenies; SMBFMFD, Galloway!

Here we go with some cold cuts...

  • Bluenoser JD Fortune (formerly Jason Bennison from Pictou County, NS via ON) has won his ultimate dream gig: winning a frontman spot with INXS.

    Well... colour me cynical and skeptical, but searching for someone to replace a lead singer who hanged himself is something that is a little bit personal. Sadly, this type of tasking has been reduced to an "American Idol" spectacle that took up some valuable tv space this summer. In my opinion...

    1. No one can replace Michael Hutchence;

    2. INXS is not AC/DC; and

    3. For their own sake, as well as the sake of music fans, they should pack it in.

    Whatever... congrats JD. All the best - you'll be needing lots for this gig.

  • Emo!

    My theory... when Avril Lavigne sings, she's a teen rawk/pop diva.

    When guys try to sing like Avril Lavigne, they're emo!

    nuff said. I'll keep making fun of it until something better replaces it.

  • Bootlicking, pole-smoking Brit MP George al-Galawi recently visited my fair country, and like any other visitor, had nothing but kind words to say about our peacekeepers...

    Despite its refusal to fight in Iraq, Canada is complicit in the U.S. war on terrorism and should withdraw from Afghanistan, an outspoken left-wing British MP said Saturday.

    "I'm amazed that so many people in Canada believe they're not a part of this crime," George Galloway said at the sixth annual conference of the Islamic Circle of North America and the Muslim Association of Canada.

    "Canada has sent an army of 1,000 soldiers to occupy the Muslim country of Afghanistan (and ships to the Persian Gulf)," Galloway said.

    "Your ships in the Gulf and your soldiers in Afghanistan are doing the dirty work of George W. Bush and Tony Blair. They are freeing American ships and soldiers to go to Fallujah and massacre the people of Iraq."

    Well... personally, I havent heard any reports of Iraqi babies being bayonetted, women and girls getting gang-raped, enire villages being My-Lai'd or any biological or chemical applications being carried out on the local polpulace by the US soldiers. Neither have I received nor am aware of any reports that my fellow soldiers have doen the same in Afghanistan. So what the hell is your point, Muhammed Galloway?

    "These airplanes on 9-11 may have seemed to have come out of a clear blue sky but, in fact, these monstrous mosquitoes flew out of a swamp of bitterness and hatred and anger which exists in the Muslim world (because of) the injustice of western policy," Galloway said.

    "It is a crime, it is a sin, in any language, in any religion, to punish innocent people for the crimes of guilty people," he said.

    "But it is a crime and a sin whether it happens in Britain or New York or Fallujah or Baghdad or Palestine or Afghanistan or anywhere else the bombs and rockets are falling."
    From where I sit - it's the result of medieval demagogues forcing young, impressionable people to do insanely homicidal acts like flying airplanes into office towers because they are afraid of losing their stature of potential messiahs in their "Religion of Peace"©, especially since advances in 21st-century communications and education have been opening everyone else's eyes.

    It seems that the Honourable Throbbing Member should pour some cold water of reality onto himself, lest he continues to spew more vile rhetoric on more fragile, impressionable minds.

    In other words - suck my dick, Galloway.
More stuff later! It can't get much better than this.

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