Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Operation Unison 2005:
Stepping Up To The Plate.

For your information, the Canadian Forces have a page dedicated to tracking the post-Katrina efforts of our sailors, soldiers and airmen.

Their arrival in the Gulf may be a bit delayed due to a tropical storm brewing off Florida. I hope that it doesn't wind up where I live!

UPDATE (12 Sep 05): The Op Unison 2005 team has arrived alongside Pensacola, FL this morning. And not a moment too soon!

American sailors marveled at the speed and size of the Canadian aid mission.

"The Canadians were so quick to respond and they actually responded before they got the call," said Petty Officer Russell Tafuri.

"They're brothers. I mean they show up. I don't even think we had to ask," added Capt. Pete Frano, the base's commander.
Anything for a neighbour, eh? Anytime.

The real, hard work is yet to come.

UPDATE (13 Sep 05): Right about now, crews from the 3 HMC Ships are in Biloxi, Mississippi to clean up and maybe fix up the place. Those who make light of the old Forces saying "Living the Dream" should take note: there's a lot of stuff to be done, and it ain't gonna be easy in any way.

Of extra note: the Canadian Coast Guard Ship "Sir William Alexander" - an icebreaker, fer X-sakes - will soon come over to replace nav buoys in the Gulf. Why is she out there? Because the old, venerable 510, HMCS Preserver, is stuck alongside back in Halifax due to mechanical issues. This ship, part of the "Protecteur" class of replenishment vessels, would've been of great use in the Gulf. Take a tour right here to find out more. Hopefully our "responsible" government should shell out a little more cash to improve the fleet. But that remains to be seen.

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