Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina:
Help Them Out

Call me a bandwagon-jumper, but everyone in the striken areas in the Deep South need our help so badly.

This is serious, and believe it or not, we Canucks are not, repeat... not, immune to the ravages of Mother Nature's furies.

Remember Hurricanes Hazel and Juan? I've heard rumours that if the waters that surround the Maritime Provinces stay warm enough, the people living there (including yours truly) would expect the biggest thrashing of their lives. And don't mention how the winter will look like - it might get a bit fugly.

For all my fellow Canadians, you could help out by donating whatever you could muster to the Canadian Red Cross. A little goes a long way. Trust me on that.

Also... check out: Technocrati's list of blogs stepping in to encourage participation in the relief and blogs updating the situation;'s summary of "Flood Aid" participants.

Let's go, Canada! Soon, we may need their help in return.

UPDATE! (sorta) (21:50 ADT 2 Sep 05)

You didn't get this from me, but on Tuesday a couple of our ships will be getting underway to sail to Nawlins.

DART will probably join in effort, and there's a very remote possibility that a couple of our MCDVs will head down to do some sidescan sonar searches for wreckage, bodies. That last one is neither finalised, confirmed nor denied, but it's still something to think about, eh?

Fuck the politics. Fuck the finger-pointing already. Let's get the job done first!

MORE UPDATE! (thx - via lgf) (11:45 ADT - 3 Sep 2005): Vancouver, BC's USAR team are already helping out various LA parishes. Despite security issues, the team is doing quite well, thank you.

Also, Canada's Chief of Defence Staff fielded some questions regading upcoming post-Katrina ops. The transcript is right here.


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