Tuesday, September 06, 2005

To My Louisiana Friends:
We Are Underway!

Right about now, the Athabaskan (a.k.a. the Atha-B), the Toronto (T-Dot) and the Ville de Quebec (VDQ), along with the Canadian Coast Guard Ship the Sir William Alexander, are underway to the Gulf of Mexico to help out in the post-Katrina relief effort, loaded with the necessities of life and personnel to facilitate distribution and provide care and assistance.

In addition to the warships, our venerable See Kings will be put to good use. Barring breakdowns, frayed duct-tape, exhausted hamsters and snapped rubber-bands, the three Kings will be doing their last hurrah before being retired to some scrapyard outside Truro.

Of course, anyone causing any trouble for the Canadian contingent will be dealt harshly, if not by the local authorities, then by the nice friendly people of the Joint Task Force (or "JTF"), who will gladly give you a free one-way ticket to visit the deity of your choice.

We're only here to help. If you work with us, we'll gladly work with you. Just give us some of that warm Lousinana hospitality and we might come back in better times.


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