Wednesday, November 17, 2004

A 9/11 Hangover from a New York POV

Here's something that I stumbled upon over at

It's a nice little screed form a Native New Yorker about the fallout from 9/11.

It simply tells everyone to "fuck off and get on with living".

On heroic New Yorkers...

Sure you've got the real heroes, like the Police and the Fire Dept, but please, don't include me, and the vast majority of New York in that category as well. When those two buildings came down, you did not see the entire state of New York running into the crumbling buildings to drag people out. No, You saw us running the other fucking direction. But for some reason though, the media decided that EVERY New Yorker was a hero. Yes, even that fool that hid behind a pizza stand and screamed the entire time. HE WAS THE COOLEST HERO EVER. Oh, and me? I stayed the fuck in my house and prayed no one would violently loot the neighborhood. I AM A HERO.


Go talk to other countries. See why they don’t have heroes and stuff, and you never hear about their attacks and their many heroes that got blown to bits. Because it’s an everyday occurrence over there. If they had memorials and and vigils for every attack, nobody would ever get anything done over there. It would be like an hourly thing. They all pretty much know by now that any person with a bomb can just fuck up their day at any point. But they don’t whine and run around like spazzes. They get on with their lives and make fun of us for being scared of everything. They stick that shit out and go to McDonalds. And WE'RE heroes? I think not.

On New York parking lots...

While the prices of these places, depending on the relative demand, will vary on a daily basis, they are never anything but eye-bleedingly expensive. The owners of these lots and garages know exactly how valuable a commodity it is they control, and they know that you have a choice between paying them with your blood and soul, or parking in Connecticut. Every square foot of land is like tarry black gold, so they'll pack their helpless victim's cars in four and five deep. This means that not only will you be signing over the deed to your house to afford the parking fees, but you'll have to wait several hours while the utterly apathetic foreigners in charge of the joint dig your car out from under the pile of SUV's.

And on the subject of the "new" Times Square...

Once a sleazy, shady pit of vice that personified New York's aura of danger, edginess, toughness and rough, cheap sex, the great whore of Times Square has been tamed by the cash-green cock of Mickey Mouse, laid bare and sallow for the weak seed of obese tourists from the Midwest who walk the streets without fear or respect for the former den of decay and crime. The sex on Times Square is utterly commercialized now, pale Calvin Klein models desperate to be sexy in a landscape bereft of teeth or edge, leaving the place feeling spiritually vacant, lifeless even though it is nearly always filled to overflowing.

Anyways, check it out. And resume your life on hold.

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