Sunday, November 28, 2004

In my travels...

Peoples and places
Disparate races
Melding and blending
Various buildings

Streets of gold
Roads of dirt
Cheers of joy
Tears of hurt

Mountains of BC
Plains of Alberta
Saskatchwan wheatfields
Regina New Year

Lakehead in the winter
Waking in Wawa
Great Canadian Shield
Big rocky field

Concrete corridor
Quebec to Detroit
Endless Ohio
Blue moon of Kentucky

Keep on shining crazy diamond
In the muddy Mississppi
Suffocating in Memphis
On a hot August day

With Elvis at rest
Lying in Graceland
Just a plain old house
Just like my own

Georgia on my mind
Sun sand sex on the brain
Florida moonshine
On a hot winter day

From the concrete corridor
Toronto to Quebec
The valleys of the Madawaska
The world's longest covered bridge

Moncton skyline
Amherst pit stop
Breakfast at Timmy's
Dinner at Wendy's

Halifax water
Dartmouth bedroom
Moonlight over Musquodoboit
Harlots in Charlottetown

Passed out on George St.
St. John's summertime
Pizza in the morning
Whiskey in the jar

Midnight sun
Aurora Borealis
Iqaluit, Nunavut
Barren land of ice

Everything seen and heard
Reduced to synapses and memories
Frozen in time on celluloid
Or in combinations of 1s and 0s

Permutations of destinations
Sights, sounds, tastes, smells
Cold bed, warm body
Full tank, empty stomach

Country in Canmore
Gospel in Tennesee
Rock in America
Hip Hop through Dayton

Tijuana nightlife
San Diego rain
Vancouver junkies
Buying fixes by selling meat

Or cameras, speakers
Anything they could steal
They could have gotten something
Like a bath or a meal

Endless journey
Sleepless nights
Truck stop respite
On an endless road
Somewhere on the way to anywhere

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