Sunday, November 28, 2004

Buy my record (then go away)

You think I'm an asshole but why go through the hassle
I'm only trying to do what's best for me
You put me on a pedestal but you know sweet fuck-all
About all the trouble I had to go through
Trying to get my record out

Buy my record... go away
Thanks for caring, you made my day
But don't you come to me for help
I'm just human, just like you
I am ugly, just like you
I'm in no way better than you

Sitting at your PC, going for the lowdown
Going for the download getting off for free
But there's no such thing as a free lunch, friend
'cause it costs so much money
Trying to get a record out

Buy my record... go away
I hope you're happy that I made your day
But you must pay if you want to play
If you really want to know
You must reap what you have sown
It's the same thing every day

You don't know about my hell
I'm not the one to kiss and tell
I just kill to eat and make what I sell
I wish I could help you every day
But it's best that I rather wish you well
Just buy my record and go away

I don't care about the way you vote
The way you travel by car or by boat
I've got no time to be your daddy
Nothing personal but I don't know you
And you don't know me, please understand
I'm not that famous, I'm just a man
If you got money that's okay
Just try to save for a rainy day
But what I do, I want to get paid
I have to pay my bills each day
So buy my record and go away
It's the best, I have to say
I may be arrogant selfish and rude
But, hey motherfucker I'm here to stay

Buy my record... go away
Make me rich, I'll make your day
But don't ask me 'bout how you feel
I don't care if you are hot
I don't care if you smoke pot
And I don't really give a sweet goddamn
About you or your boyfriend or your mom or your dad
About your jerk of a teacher, about your jerk of your boss
About your jerk of your boyfreind and your unborn child
About your girlfriend and how she doesn't understand
About my music and my life
Because I'm human just like you
So here's my advice for you

Live your life... not mine

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