Monday, November 01, 2004

A very Hallowe'en Triple Header at the Marquee

I don't go out too often these days... money is too tight, bills have to be paid, food and smokes and booze are getting too damn expensive.

But a triple bill featuring Limblifter, Auf der Maur and Matthew Good was too freaking good to pass up, so I decided to head out to the Marquee Club to check them out.

In very short order...
  1. Limblifter: Left Coast rockers (remnants of Age of Electric, FTWK) left a pretty good impression on the Haligonians in the place. Did a couple of tunes off their latest release, I/O. Abbreviated "Wake Up to the Sun" due to time constraints (the intro to that song on the CD is awesome). Should see more of them real soon.

  2. Auf der Maur: Melissa Auf der Maur has been compared to Lee Aaron by many Can-Rawk rawk-ficionados. When I asked her about the similarities she told me that she didn't know who Aaron is, which was a bit of a letdown - damn generation gap. I also asked her if she had ever seen the video for "Metal Queen". She hoarsely replied that she would check it out. I didn't mention Blinker the Star to her. Maybe next time.
    By the way... great set in spite of frog in throat.

  3. Matthew Good: good show - pun not intended - from vet Vancouverite. Managed to drop in some MGB nuggets in addition to a short spoken word performance of Hamid Karzai's corporate past. Sadly, I left before he launched into "Weapon" - a little past my bedtime, eh? I'll stick around for his next show in this neck of wood.
Best $30 ever spent. Extra $50 went to getting CD's (Auf der Maur's self-titled debut, Limblifter's "I/O" and MG's "White Light Rock & Roll Review"). Another $40 was spent on cab, drinks and the best damn slice of pizza anywhere ($4 - yeah, it's expensive, but worth every cent and bite).

Catch any of these people if/when they drop by. Live music RAWKS!

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