Sunday, November 28, 2004

Spoon-fed: train-of-thought rap...

Starving... wanting...
Hungering... lusting...

You want it in you here-and-now
Not today but yesterday
You want it in you right or wrong
As long as you don't have to pay

Touching... feeling...
Expediently... appealing...

It's not my country right or wrong
That made me have to write this song
Just give me money, give me bling
Guns and ho's and everything

I've got my money
Give me everything
Give me your money
I'll sell you anything

Playing... praying...
Everyone... is waiting...

You be the devil that you know
You want to star in your own show
You take your chances, then you go
Then watch you empire slowly grow

Bleeding... feeding...
Drink this wine... freeze your mind...

Iraq and Afghanistan
French, Yanks and the Germans
Jews, Islams and X-tians
Gather 'round the Candyman

You want everything
Give out your money
Ready to wear and ready to eat
Sell your kids to me

Gimme gimme never get
Don't you know your manners yet
There's no land of plenty
Made of milk and honey

It's the same old movie
With the same old story
Just with different people
And a different author

When your children all grow up
Will you continue or give up
Take it in stride or step aside
Or stick around and stand your ground

Take flight or stand up to fight
Use your brain or follow your heart
In the end all will be gone
Except for art

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