Thursday, November 04, 2004

Politics Make People Stupid: an appeal to Blogs on the Left and Right

All the ballots have been counted, speeches have been made and tears shed, but the Left and Right are still fighting in the post-electoral rubble.

Both sides have made their points and the people have spoken.

Yet, there's some pathological form of hating that's seething about, fingers pointing to people pointing to those pointing at them.

Accusations of fraud, sabotage, subversion and perversion get tossed between the 2 tribes, obscuring the issues, impeding reconciliation and usurping dialogue, all in the name of righteousness of the side of choice.

The election is over, you dummies. The dirt you toss at each other is no longer of any use, as it's best before date has since been past.

Now is the time for new issues, not the tired rhetoric that plagued the Left and Right Blogs.

No more Swift Boats. No more National Guard excuses. No more Haliburton conspiracies. It's all over and all overdone.

Go back to the real world. Try to live in the here and now for the sake of tomorrow. Go and live the life you lived before the election and realise that the sun still rises and sets, that the winds still blows and that the trains and cusses that you commute on still stuggle to run on time.

Worry about the traffic you have to face while driving to work. Worry about the price of coffee and the price of gas. Worry about what to have for lunch, snack and dinner, and whether your fridge is stocked enough to feed you for another week.

Take action on your finances, taxes and health - they have and always will remain constant, no matter who's running the country and who's fighting whom.

In other words, get a life and find another Quixotic windmill to challenge, a dragon to slay, a suitor to rescue and a hobby to keep you grounded.

IN OTHER NEWS: I'll be on exercise for the next 2 weeks. Don't expect too much change on this Blog.

Stay Clean!

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