Friday, November 19, 2004

What You Don't Know About Salem...

When I was growing up, I watched "Days of Our Lives".

So you might ask, "Jacques, what the Hell?" Well, back then they did have a kick ass storyline about the feud between good guy Roman Brady and his archnemesis Stefano Di Mera.

Personally, I was cheering for the bad guy, played to perfection by Joseph Mascolo. A lot more believable than Wayne Northrop's portrayal of the ill-fated cop in the fictional town of Salem, USA.

Someone in this blogspace still has a soft spot for that little town where hotties such as Jennifer Horton, Hope Brady, Marlena Evans (whatta cougar of a babe!) and Carrie Brady live and breathe. Jeff at Beautiful Atrocities decided to inquire about the characters and the people behind them. For instance...

  • 3 cast members on Jeff's list, including Alison Sweeney who plays über-biatch Sami Brady (another hottie!), spent their X-mas holidays with US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan;

  • 5 cast members, including Kirsten Storms (Belle Black) and Melissa Reeves (neé Brennan, Jennifer Horton-Devereaux) happen to be Evangelical Christians. So much for any potential hot, intense 3-way action with Belle and Jen;

  • John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) is the father of ex-"Friends" hottie Jennifer. He also used to be a naval intelligence officer. WTF, Vic?

  • Bill Hayes (Doug Williams, father of Hope) had a hit song in the 50's with "The Ballad of Davey Crockett".

It's there are some more interesting tidbits that Jeff dug up. Now if I could start getting back into watching this series again, maybe I could find out what the fuck happened to my Salem...

Oh... and where the fuck's Carrie?

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