Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Colour Me "Un-Surprised"

It's deja-voodoo all over again.

Way back in the dark years of the Seventies, a man by the name of Pierre Elliot Trudeau was stuck in the same kind of predicament that everyone's favourite Prime Minister, Paul Martin is currently experiencing: a Liberal minority government beset by hostile foes.

Faced with political extinction, PET decided to forego a coalition with either Robert Stanfield's Progressive Conservatives or Réal Caouette's Social Creditists and started to invite David Lewis's New Democrats to help him out.

Never mind that vitually most of the Liberals' political platform had been jacked from the NDP's agenda. Then, as it is today, both parties are virtually indistinguishable except for the wording of their respective promises.

The plan worked for Trudeau. His regime survived for a few extra months until Lewis, supposedly tired of playing second-fiddle to the fuddle-duddle bourgeois hippie-wannabe, decided to bolt out of the arrangement.

This time, it's Paulyanna's turn to accept a deal with the Devil that the Liberals know best and has welcomed Jack Layton's NDP into a partnership that may mean a reversal on some government policies - roughly the same type of move that might welcome back ex-Grit MP Carolyn Parrish back into the Grit fold.

It is a bit of an odd couple alliance: bourgeois shipping magnate Martin shacking up with rabble rousing ex-Toronto city councillor/perennial failed mayoral candidate Layton. Just like the seventies.

Onece more with a feeling: Paulyanna loves being Prime Minister. Just because.

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