Monday, April 11, 2005

"'Dancing mom' gets 3 years for daughter's death" - WTF, eh?

This stupid crack-whore, Clara Da Silva, 25, left her 2-year-old to die of dehydration while she partied her skanky ass off at a salsa club.

And she gets 3 FUCKING YEARS for this?
Adriana Da Silva was left alone for 33 hours during a heat wave. The temperature in the apartment rose to 35 degrees Celsius, and she had no food or water.

Adriana's father, Mark Yetman, called the three-year sentence for his former girlfriend ridiculous.
Well... no shit, Sherlock. The Crown has suggested 12 years for this act of selfish stupidity. (Max sentence - 25 years.)

Congratulations, Clara. You proved yourself to be a great cocksucker in getting off lightly - probably a lot better than Michael Schiavo when he endlessly convinced court after court to let Terri Schindler (she doesn't derserve to have that hated Schiavo surname!) to starve to death a month ago.

Just start learning how to enjoy eating pussy - it'll come very handy in prison.

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