Friday, April 29, 2005

File Under "No Shit, Sherlock" -
Max Weinreb: "Canada should abolish democracy"

The scariest part of Max Weinreb's column is that it's all true.

It's like we're living right inside The Matrix: we know that something's terribly wrong, but at the same time we're all self-absorbed in our lives and selfishness that that we'd only give an acknowledging glance and scowl, then we vote the fuckers back into office because a) we're afraid of the unknown; b) we're so used to it, so why rock the boat; c) none of the other parties are any better; or d) we don't know of any other party. It's like taking the Blue Pill every 4 years - we may be Copper-Tops, but we rather be happy than free.

Option "d" seems to be the most plausible. Aside from an 8-year Progressive Conservative respite in the 80s, we've been a Liberal-Trudeaucracy since 1963 when Lester B. Pearson defeated Tory John Diefenbaker. Do the math - that's almost 34 years under Liberal Red.

I grew up in these deluded times - to me, Trudeau, for all his opportunism and arrogance, made the Canada that the world currently recognises: accomodating, docile, idealistic. In many ways, we embarrass the French in that aspect, because we do most our business in English.

Many years ago, Canada pursued its own foreign policies influenced by its own interests. Today, that influence is coming from the U.N.

Because we have become so dependant on the U.N. for our existence, the government's decisions have helped prop up dictatorships in Cuba, North Korea, China and Saddam's Iraq, emasculated our Armed Forces to a point in which minor war vessels, manned by reservists, have to undertake potentially stressful and dangerous missions (a metal minesweeper - think about it, eh?), and burdened the taxpayers with high levies on income, goods and services.

And with every election, the Liberals would pollish up their commercials and bribe the electorate with elaborate promises that conveniently get forgotten in the end. Not that anyone would care - the level of comfortable numbness has been preserved, at least until the next election.

And you wonder why we're saddled with Paulyanna. Don't hold your breath in the upcoming election.

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