Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Ilanaaq: Vancouver Winter Olympics' new mascot.
Ilanaaq. Man? Animal? Vegetable?
Mineral? Mascot?

If Vancouver, BC is holding the Winter Olympics, why is it using an Inuit sculpture instead of a characature drawn up by one of its own indigenous groups?

I understand that inukshuks and inunnguaqs (Google them if you're clueless), originally used as Arctic road signs, are the rage in this part of world.

But why the fuck are they being used to promote a purely BC event?

I've seen fine examples of Salish and Haida art in and around Victoria, and I'm more than impressed by the vivid lines and colours that create representations of men and beasts. Why have the organizers forsaken them?
Grand Chief Edward John of the First Nations Summit said some native leaders were so upset with the logo they were prepared to walk out of the unveiling ceremony.

"First Nations in British Columbia helped sway the Olympic selection committee," John told the Canadian Press.

"One of the first important acts the [Vancouver 2010] committee did was kind of a slight on the support of First Nations."
Indeed. One must wonder what kind of herbs and spices were the members of the Olympis commitee taking when they decided upon the inukshuk?

The National Post's Joseph Brean has another take on the controversy right here.


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