Friday, April 01, 2005

Da Doctor's in da Hizzle!

Doctor Who is coming back to North America.

The legendary BBC sci-fi series - one of the oldest, I believe - has done a slight makeover on Gallifrey's most famous export. Gone is the snobby, theatrical BBC-standard accent and cheap-but-earnest sets. In goes some flash, CGI and a proletarian Mancunian accent provided by Chistopher Eccleston as The Doctor himself (he played the asshole Major in "28 Days Later").

And this time - he has a bit of a hottie as a sidekick named Rose, who's played by a hottie named Billie Piper. You may remember her as Britain's answer to Britney/XXX-tina/Jessica Simpleton back in the dark days of the pop-tart 90s. At 22, she has made the transistion to adulthood and acting.

In short, I just can't wait. The new version of the series starts 5 April on the CBC.

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