Monday, April 04, 2005

The fit hitting the shan...

How did that get under my radar?

The Gomery board of inquiry is about to get close to outing the mandarins and the warlords in the whole Adscam scandal.

Meanwhile, Paulyanna is running scared, possibly because he may be one of Groupaction's beneficiaries.

Could the previous election have been bought by the "sponsorship" monies? Could it be that the whole shitstorm is about to blow wide open because of the Liberal's failure to secure a Québec majority in spite of these monies?

The Captain must be taking a very good interest in our country. Unlike any average Yank, he's wondering whether anything like what we're experiencing could happen down there.

And eventually, more people will be wondering the same thing. They'll be asking the same questions regarding monies paid out to sypathetic companies by the party in power. They'll have questions on where the money went and for what use. They'll wonder if whether any of the monies were used for a campaign other than promoting national unity, cultural festivals, sport events, etc.

The cruel irony is that in spite of all the nationalistic breast-beating, the current minority government might wind up being toppled by a Yank.

Never underestimate the power of an inquiring foreigner.

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