Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Refrain From Destroying Monitor:
Paulyanna Punks Vets!

Pity poor Paulyanna.

Knee-deep in a pile of political poop, Paulyanna decides to stay at home to ensure that he keeps his precious job as Prime Minister.

Because Paulyanna loves being the Prime Minister so much, he decides to forego a trip to Europe to commemorate the 60th anniversary of V-E Day with the survivors who fought there.

You know. Voters. Parents and grand-parents of voters.

The ones who risked life and limb in order for all of us the enjoy the freedoms that we constantly take for granted.

Little Paulyanna, who is fighting for his poor little political life, has forsaken any future support so he could attend to some self-preservation.
Cliff Chadderton, chairman of the 51-member National Council of Veteran Associations, says Canada's vets have been delivered "the worst of all insults."

"What a shame that The Year of the Veteran -- 2005 -- should be celebrated by what can only be called a mockery engineered by our own prime minister," Chadderton wrote in a statement released following the announcement from the Prime Minister's Office.

Explaining his reaction in an interview with CTV's Canada AM Tuesday morning, the War Amps CEO condemned the decision.

"All of a sudden there's a change," Chadderton said, recalling promises from the PMO that Martin would be in there on May 8th. "He's riding on the backs of the Canadians who really fought in Holland, that's what he's doing."
But is Paulyanna worried? Heck. no! Paulyanna loves being Prime Minister. Just because.
Commenting on the decision, PMO spokesperson Melanie Gruer said Monday that it was made "to ensure that the prime minister is here at home and available to Parliament,'' in light of opposition threats to force an election.

But Chadderton says putting electoral politics over historic ties will be hard for the Dutch to fathom.

"Our prime minister stays home because of politics, I don't think they'll understand it."

"We're too close to Holland, we did too much, we lost too many men," he added, mindful of the 7,600 Canadians who died there during the war.
Well, since Paulyanna's now Prime Minister, he could delay the vote until later. Or if he's man enough as he claims to be, he could go to Europe to support and honour those who have made sacrifices so that all Canadians can enjoy the fruits of political freedom - the same kind of freedom that our Fearless Prime Minister™ strongly espouses when he promised to correct the "democratic deficit" in Parliament.

But all things considered, screw the vets.

Paulyanna loves being Prime Minister.

Just because.

And he wants it to stay that way.

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