Sunday, September 12, 2004

Eric Margolis: Should the Toronto Sun Keep Him or Lose Him?

I've always relied on the Toronto Sun for 2 things...

  • news from my hometown; and
  • it's politics

But there's one colummnist that sometimes gets my goat.

Eric Margolis.

Is it just me or is he turning into an apologist for every Islamist Extremist and tyrant?

A fine example of his slow descent into the dark side is his recent column regarding the war on terror. This has a tendancy to read like a diatribe against the "evils of Zionism"© and justification for the Islamists' attacks on the WTC, the Pentagon, and all the other targets they could get their filthy paws on (beaches, pizzerias, Passover Seders, etc..).

I have one request to make to the editors of the Toronto Sun:


His views don't belong in such a paper. There are other papers whose political views match his own - the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail are 2 exemples, and Eric Margolis should feel at home at either one of them.

It's a shame that someone who used to make some sense has ceased doing so.

His narrow view of the stuation makes Michael Moore look like a Republican.

He has failed to grasp the bigger picture of global terrorism. It's no longer about rich versus poor. It's now about race and faith. And things will get much worse before it gets apocalyptic.

I know it's about freedom of speech. Sadly, we are also at an age in which people, politics and thinking have become more polarized than ever before.

We no longer have an Evil Empire to worry about.

There's only one superpower that's left on this planet.

And everyone needs to justify their existence.

That's what's wrong with the world today. I guess.


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