Sunday, September 26, 2004

Once more with a feeling: NAZI PUNKS FUCK OFF!

On the holiest of holy days in the Jewish calendar, a whole bunch of inbred fucktards decided to hold a rally at Valley Forge.

The Minnesota-based National Socialist Movement, which sponsored the rally, maintains Washington held racist and anti-Jewish views - a position disputed by most historians.
Many early Americans held beliefs similar to British Israelists, claiming that the Anglo-Saxons were a lost tribe of Israel. Hence the perceived "antisemitism" of Washington and Franklin would be considered a complete repudiation of their Hebraic roots.

The event was held on the Jewish holiday Yom Kippur. Rally organizers said they were unaware of the holiday when they planned the event.
Really? So this proves that not only the neo-Nazis are brutal, heartless, thuggish and arrogant, but but they're also either manipulative, mendacious or stupider than a bag of rocks.

Or maybe all of the above.

Still, Jeff Schoep, commander of the NSM, launched the rally with an attack on Jews, who he said plan "the destruction of all races through the evils of race-mixing."
Translation: we're unable to get laid so we decided to be Nazis and have rallies on High Holy Days on historic battlefields.

Yes, boys and girls... it's all about the nookie!

Someone get these clownshits some education fast before they hurt themselves...

Er... on the other hand... let them hurt themselves: the racist movement in the USA these days is so prone to self-immolation that there's hardly any need for an intervention by the ARA, JDL or the ADL.

So, breathe easy. There are bigger fish to catch and fry.


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