Monday, September 27, 2004

File under: "OH, NO... NOT ANOTHER ONE!"

Yes, munchkins. In Holly-weird, there can never be too many sequels.

The "Powers that Be"® decided that there shall be a "Terminator 4" in the works.

Of course, Austrian big-guy Überstar, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, might or might not make a special guest appearance in this one. But who knows?

Somehow, I thought that we would be content with T-1 and T-2. T-3 was pushing it a bit. But aside from big-bang moneyshots and scenes of a technocratic dystopia, what will a T-4 offer us?

One thing we can be grateful for is that the Evil Machines aren't too fucking smart: they could have sent many units to various points of known history to eradicate John Connor and his entire bloodline, past, present and future.

Which is why I suspect that there will (might?) be a T-4: someone in cyberspace might get some ideas by reading my rants.

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