Thursday, September 30, 2004

Politics Make People Act Stupid - Part Deux

To all those respondants in an IRQA TV spot:


You don't know Jacques!

You never ventured out of your self-imposed caves to see what the world is really like: a world where humans, not sheep, thrive and prosper without the interference of despotic mullahs.

If you are so sure of your faith, why not venture out, forget about the differences and deal with the outsiders.

Read something else other than just the Koran: you have been made morally, spiritually and intellectually illiterate by the imams, weighing you down with chains of ignorance under the spell of an elusive paradise. Open your eyes and your minds and maybe the light revealed to you will change your opinion.

Of course, it's gonna cost you some serious coin, but don't you think it should be worth all the trouble?

For the full v-idiocy, click on this and find out!

Otherwise... NEXT!

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