Thursday, September 30, 2004

Well, no shit, Sherlock - the first sequel

According to the Canada Free Press, "President Kerry would be bad for Canada".

Read this article. Surprisingly...

In a poll that was released on September 8, it was found that 61 percent of Canadians favoured Kerry while 16 percent of Canadians would prefer to see George W. Bush re-elected.
Obviously, the majority of the 61% don't tune in to US politics that often. Of course, most of those who voted Liberal in the last Federal Election probably couldn't care less about the politics here, either.

The Ipsos-Reid poll was detailed and asked several questions concerning Canada/U.S. relations. Sixty-two percent of those who responded to the poll felt that Kerry would build better relationships with world leaders while 56 percent felt that Kerry would do a better job at "being a friend to Canada". Fifty-four percent of respondents felt that the Democratic Party challenger would be better at "dealing with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and his Government"... The current Liberal government has a hatred for all things conservative, whether it is the Republican administration in Washington or the Conservative Party of Canada. Since both the Canadian government and Kerry are internationalist in their outlook, they are bound to get along better than the Chrètien/Martin government ever did with the Bush administration.
Of course, we Canadian are spoonfed so much by our Liberal system, we probably forgot what the word "conservative" meant, let alone pronounce it.

Maybe it all stemmed from the 60s, when we witnessed all those human rights marches and Vietnam War protests and thought to ourselves (huffs big BC-Hydro blunt, Mon!), "Huh huh... KEWL!" Not to mention the fact that some of the people were descended from United Empire Loyalists and thus have a bone to pick with Washington, no matter who would be in power at any given time.

But - and I hate to break it to all those who wanted to see Kerry win - this year's Demonic-rats have a more serious protectionist bent than the rival Republic-cons. By electing the closet fellator - er, John Kerry, our economic partnership with the US may be put in jeopardy.

Oh sure, he wants to make sure that Toronto dumps its waste somewhere else other than Michigan, which is just fine, since it happens to be our garbage. But ON preem Dalton McGuinty (who seemed to be the proto-Kerry in this neck of wood) would rather not dump it in our own back yard (blame it on Walkerton, eh?). And Anarcho-Socialist T-dot Mayor David Miller concurs.

But there's more to the story than what meets the eyes. all you have to do and read, weep and understand.

I don't care much for George W. any more than I could toss him, but I'm more comfortable with the Devil I know and trust.

As much as we don't like Yanks sticking their dirty noses into our business - remember Michael Moore? - we shouldn't be caught meddling into Yankee affairs.

Let their people decide. Not us!

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