Monday, September 20, 2004

What in the name of Fuck is this World coming to? (Part Uno) (sarcasm intended, eh)

According to My Favorite Paper in the Whole Wide World©... er, I mean, the Toronto Sun...
TEENAGERS living with their parents in the affluent suburbs of Toronto aren't immune to becoming homeless, a new study suggests.

Really? Read on...
The study -- conducted in Richmond Hill involving a group of 16-to-20-year-old teenagers, most of whom came from economically-advantaged families -- found they were substantially more at risk for homelessness than their mainstream Ontario secondary school peers.

Well... let me guess:

  • 'rents couldn't effectively discipline their kids;

  • 'rents neglected their kids;

  • 'rents abused their kids;

  • kids these days are doing more couch surfing than in previous generations in R. Hill;

  • kids are becoming more rebellious and disrespectful of their elders;

  • 3 words - more cheap drugs; or more likely...


(No offence to the Richmond Hillbillies, but speaking as a Thornhill guy....)

Why am I not too surprised? Is it because I don't really buy into the fact that most problem kids come from broken, working-/welfare-class homes? That if you love your kids enough, everything would be alright? That if you given them enough distractions, they'll stay out of trouble?

Unfortunately, someone else would have to come up with a real good answer, because I'm definitely not Dr. Phil.

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