Monday, October 25, 2004

Ban the Toronto Marathon - wha-haaa?

In light of the death of a 42 year-old Guelph runner, Canada Free Press's Arthur Weinreb proposes that the Toronto Marathon should be banned.

Given the fact that the State in question has concluded that we puny humans are incapable of accountability with regards to health - witness smoking bans and the proposed moratorium on fresh sushi in Toronto area restaurants - a ban on a gruelling marathon may be in order.

Since when have citizens become responsible for their own health? Adults can't decide to smoke in a bar with other consenting adults or use a pesticide or now it appears, eat sushi that has not been previously frozen. Where did this radical idea that people are responsible for their own health ever come from? The doctor's statement is a shameful expression of individual responsibility that has absolutely no place in 21st century Toronto. It will only be a matter of time before laws are proposed to outlaw smoking in cars and then homes and then limiting the number of Big Macs that people can eat. Yet the radical suggestion is made that people be allowed to run, even though that activity can result in serious injury or death.

All heil the Glorious Nanny State! No plans on curing cancer or diabetes, but then why bother when you have all the band-aid solutions at your disposal?


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