Friday, October 01, 2004

Toronto's Finest do the Right Thing

According to this news report, the cops have taken down members of Scarberia's Galloway Boys.

Those who still believe that Toronto is a safe city can rest assured that these cops are tops.

Those who believe otherwise can breathe easier now. But there is still more work to do.

When a good city grows, problems get bigger.

And when they do, solutions must be tougher.

And as much as I don't always agree with his philosophies, Chief Julian Fantino should stay on as the head of this city's police force.

For some crooks, all you need is love.

For others, all you need is a swift kick in the nuts!

Maybe that's why the local police services board wanted to remove Julian - they would prefer flower-power over firepower, hugs over handcuffs, and time-outs in the corner over hard time in the slammer.

Not to mention that the same politicoes running City Hall used to be hippy-freaks that the cops used to crack down on in the 60s and 70s.

Imagine NYC or Miami having that group running things? Think about it... what would it be like under a hippy-ocracy?

Well, the last time I visited NYC, I felt - safe in Manhattan.

And Miami wans't that bad either.

Compare that with the experience that I had in Vancouver where junkies broke into my car, not once but twice! Now, what the fuck was that all about?

I just hope that the smug, complacent and conceited amongst us should realise that criminals should not be mollycoddled, that the hippy-infested ranks of the mainstream press should open their eyes to the problems happening in their back yards and not simply lay blame on the evils of joblessness, poverty and discrimination, and take the moral high road in educating the masses that crime never pays.

And to all you lawmakers - lay off the hash pipes and remove that dopey "faint-hope" clause that lets out the most dangerous of criminals way before they complete their sentences - you could murder 25 people in Idaho, get caught and , if you're lucky, be put to death yourself, but here in Canada you get 25 years before parole eligibility, unless you can successfully pretend to have good behaviour and then you'd be free in as little as 10 years. That should never be the case, ever again!

Anyways, this type of shit raises my blood pressure quite a bit. All I can say is...


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