Sunday, October 24, 2004

Mosaic? What mosaic?

Another tile in the Canadian "mosaic" has gone out the fucking window in light of comments made by the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress regarding the Palestinian situation and attacks on Israelis over the age of 18 on Michael Coren's tv show.

While appearing as part of a panel discussion on the Michael Coren Live TV show, an Ontario current affairs program, (Mohamed) Elmasry said any Israeli over the age of 18 could be attacked because they are all members of the Israeli army.

"Anyone and everyone in Israel - irrespective of gender-over the age of 18 is a valid target?, Coren asked.

"Yes, I would say," Elmasry responded.

I'd say that right about now, Mr. Mo is working frantically trying to get his big mouth cleared of his much bigger foot.

This is the "mosaic" in which we Canucks take pride?

Refer to the story about the sheik saying all those nice things about the Yehudies: another fine example of Federal Multiculturalism© if there ever is one.

Speaking about my favourite bald entity (outside of DJ Marcus Visionary, of course), Mr. Coren has something to say about the fibbing libs' tolerance of dissenting views, which starts off like this...

A worrying trend has developed in Canada and it threatens the very basis of free speech. Certain people no longer say, "I disagree with you," but rather, "you shouldn't be allowed to say that." It occurs in all areas, but never so often as when homosexuality is discussed.
He then goes on to say...

Within the Canadian academic world it is, quite simply, unwise to oppose any contemporary liberal icons, and none is more iconic that homosexual marriage. "Our university press, especially when it comes to sensitive social issues, should pursue a higher objective: publish only good books," says The McGill Daily.
As usual... in the Eternal War Between Liberals and Conservatives, George Orwell's "Animal Farm" metaphor "Four legs good - Two legs bad" applies.

Paraphrasing Mao Zedong - "Let a thousand flowers bloom..."

Speaking of Marcus Visionary, check out an example of what he can do. Just click on the previous link on his name and you'll realise that Jungle/Drum 'n Bass is still alive and kicking in the Great White North.

Big up, Mr. Sills!

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