Sunday, October 17, 2004

Living In The Past In Nova Scotia

It's been a hard fought battle for hearts and minds, but in the end, 55% of Nova Scotians reject year-round Sunday shopping in binding plebiscite during the province's minucipal elections.

When you look at it from a certain angle, one would understand why that 55% turned down the proposition. This province, the only jurisdiction in North America without Sunday shopping, has a strong rural base, and Sundays to the population there represents rest and praise to the Almighty (Bluenosers love their churches). Any mention of shopping on that day would irk them.

Proponents for Sunday shopping say that the province would benefit from an increase in profits and income, in addition to giving people who work obscene shifts (read police, firefighters, miltary, etc.) the opportunity to stock up on needed items and for the young to earn some extra income. Opponents say that it will disrupt the family, create traffic havoc and deprive workers the freedom of choice to take a rest on the Lord's Day.

As someone who comes from a province that has Sunday shopping, I could understand the opponent's side of things. Back in the day in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area for all you heathens) when there was no Sunday shopping, traffic was lower, people sobered up from the night before and the air was cleaner. Not anymore: now there's 24/7 congestion, flared tempers in the malls and smog that will never go away.

Damn: I miss Toronto.

Maybe in the next municipal elections, Nova Scotians might eventually decide to join the 21st century. That is, only if they want to.

And anyways, Moncton, NB is only 3 hours away.

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