Wednesday, October 20, 2004

File Under: "WTF - over"

Many years ago, Toronto was arguably the heart of English Canada - if you wanted to make it big there, you had to do it in English.

But now, due to a recent court case, Toronto, not to mention the rest of Ontario, is headed for one heck of a makeover as a court threw out a parking violation case because the sign was not in Canada's 2 official languages!

The person accused of said violation was, go figure, A LAWYER!

And so she gave it to an intern at her firm and here's the result.

The sad irony of this is that Quebec only has uniligual signs.

And the last time I checked, Ontario isn't really a bilingual province like New Brunswick. And if it were, the signs wouldn't be in English and French but, at least in Toronto's case, English and Mandarin. Or Gaelic. Or Irish. At least that's what StatsCan said.

So... what's next? Will our Tiny Perfect Anarcho-Socialist Mayor stand his ground and keep the signs unilingual, or would he cave in and replace them to a tune of (CDN) millions?

Stay chuned!

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