Thursday, October 21, 2004

You are what you (can afford to) eat...

Erstwhile Toronto Sun / National Post columnist and W speechwriter David Frum offers this nice little ditty regarding obesity and the comaprisons between us Canucks and them Americans.

He sez...

A personal observation: I spend a month or so out of the year in a small town in rural Canada. Perhaps the most striking visual difference between this town and its American counterparts in rural Ohio or New York is the shape of the population: It is an unusual to see an adult who is more than 10 or 15 pounds overweight, exceedingly rare to see one who is more than 50 pounds, and freakish to see an overweight child.
Hell... go to suburban BC - see any glut of excessively obese types there? Hardly.

Canadians are underpaid and overcharged – and that is a severe shame. But this shame offers an unintended health benefit as recompense.

And as Americans struggle with an epidemc of obesity – and the ensuing costs to the taxpayer – conservatives who favor (as almost all conservatives do favor) Medicare and Medicaid need to ask themselves whether their easy libertarian attitudes to the worst practices of the fast food industry retains its relevance.

To make a long story short: we eat what we can offord to eat at our best convenience. This would make us, in a way, very picky and peckish eaters.

I feel like buying "Super Size Me" after reading this article.

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