Thursday, October 21, 2004

It's no longer just a journey!

Notice a slight change in title?

The travels in cyberspace via the information superhighway are getting a little more interesting.

More places, views, news, scandals: I'm just loving it.

Of course, I've been neglecting my TV a little too much, and my social life ain't getting any better either.

But now that I've made myself more sydicatable, I thought it would be nice to shorten the title to accomodate all these newsreaders and other weapons of mass distraction.

My plans for world takeover are slowly taking shape. And this time... NO PRISONERS!

Meanwhile - one nutter who's always consistent with his insane collection of Macromedia Flash mayhem, Tom Fulp, had manage to make his Newgrounds website bigger and badder. Therefore, check it out!

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