Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Team America World Police - and the 1 hour 40 minutes that I can't take back. (A short, hostile review.)

Yesterday I had a bit of a dilemma.

I had a choice between staying at home and watching "Degrassi: The Next Generation" mainly to check out Mr. Silent Bob himself, Kevin Smith, or check out the cheap movie night at the Empire Theatres in Bayers Lake.

What the hell, I thought to myself. Considering that there would be a repeat of the Degrassi broadcast, I decided to check out "Team America World Police", created by the twisted minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

So far, I'm only familiar with their main meal ticket, "South Park", and vaguely familiar with their other offerings, "Base-ketball" and "Orgazmo". But I thought that a trip to see the World Police in action would satisfy some sick and twisted jones for some sick and twisted satire featuring marionnettes. After all, doesn't anyone like to see Michael Moore (or at least a reasonable facsimile of him) get his just desserts?

Well, the movie was good for the first 15-20 minutes when the Team obliterated half of Paris, lost a member, gained a member, obliterated half of Egypt then get boycotted by a bunch of lefty actors. After that, it turned into one jumbled shit-stew of left-right dichotomies, toilet humour, hardcore sex (without the mess, believe it or not - hands down, the funniest part of the film) and lame racial stereotyping coupled with mangled patois. "Kim Jong-Il" came off as a bad Cartman knockoff, complete with substitution of the "L" sound with a rhotic "R".

Somehow, lost in this clusterfuck is a brave attempt to mock the sanctimoniousness of both liberals and conservatives (yes... conservatives can be sactimonious dicks, too) and the concept of good intentions. If you take away the outrageous sideshows going on in the lives of characters (as this is being labelled as an "action movie"), the film would have the potential to be this century's "Dr. Strangelove". But it all becomes just plain redundant, boring and lame in the end.

I coudn't feel this movie much to like it, but I have to give it enough respect since if a movie like this featured human actors as opposed to marionnettes, there would have been a) a massive deficit on the part of Parker and Stone because of the effects; and b) there would've been shrieks of outrage from the X-tian fundamentalists for its unapologetic display of vulgarity.

(Not that vulgarity is bad, of course: life itself can be a very vulgar exercise.)

My suggestion - wait for the dvd or just P2P the motherfucker.

As for the 1 hr 40 mins... someone else will have to come up with it.

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