Friday, October 15, 2004

Good On Them, Goddamnit!

The Toronto Sun reported that parents had turned in their sons after an incident involving the booby-trapping of playground equipment with shards of broken glass.

Isn't that such a sick fuck thing to do? Tell me what isn't.

Playgrounds are supposed to be places where the little rugrat muchkins could go out and play to their teenie-weenie hearts content... or at least until their 'rents come and pick them up.

It reminds me of one of 2 sad incidents that I've noted in a previous post: you know... the one about the razor blades in the sand that were discovered prior to a beach volleyball tourney?

Somebody give all these sick fucks a MAJOR lobotomy before someone gets REALLY hurt.

Oh... and BTW... more sick fuckers have recently come forward with their 'rents to face the Muzak.

Sweet - may they all get the "woodshed" treatment for their transgressions.

Amen, and NEXT!

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