Friday, October 15, 2004

Parents Dearest...

In Ontario, there was one horrific case of child abuse where 2 young boys were confined in a farmhouse by their foster parents.

The boys allegedly had fetal alcohol syndrome and the parents in question thought it would be nice to lock them up and throw away the key.

One might say that with such treatment - being forced to sleep on plywood "matresses", spending time in a dog cage, being kept in diapers because they couldn't get to the washroom, subjected to rectal examinations and regularly beaten with a variety of household implements, including a soft-soled slipper and a long-handled shoe horn - the next step might be Auschwitz.

For all that trouble inflicted on these kids, the parents got nine fucking months in jail because the sorry sad sack of shit excuse for a "judge" thought that they had "suffered" enough trying to raise these 2 problem children, and that the publicity surrounding the case might have caused more damage to the boys than the abuse.

Well - boo hoo fucking hoo! Cry me a river and blow me afterwards!

At least something is being done about this joke... the Crown Attorney for the case decided to appeal this piece of shit in front of the Ontario Court of Appeal. Hopefully, these so called "parents" will get what they really deserve.

A nice swift kick in the cunt.

NEXT! (Sorry about the terminology, but reading about this case really makes me want to vomit profusely.)

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